Turtle Tutor Mathematics & Physics in Ashiyana, Lucknow


What is Turtle Tutor?

Turtle Tutor is a one person company that runs an educational institute. The institute is located at LGF-119, Khazana Complex, Ashiyana in Lucknow. The company's objective is to build a solid foundation for students and enhance their higher order thinking skills.

What courses are offered at the institute?

The institute offers classes in Mathematics and Physics for students of class 9, 10, 11 and 12 of ICSE and CBSE boards. In addition, the institute also offers support classes for CAT aspirants. Students preparing for bank entrance examinations or SSC-CGL are also welcome.

Why did you name the company Turtle Tutor?

The name Turtle Tutor was inspired from Lord Vishnu's Kurmi Avatar where he took the form of a turtle and bore the weight of mountain Mandar so that Dev and Asur could churn the sea for its treasures.

I believe that a teacher should lighten the burden of students by carrying the majority of the weight on their shoulder, just like Lord Vishnu did in His incarnation of a Turtle. Hence the name Turtle Tutor.  In addition, the name symbolizes slow but steady pace of lessons. The name extols many other virtues of a teacher that have become rare with time like patience, forbearance and perseverance. It was perfect for how I believe knowledge should be imparted - slow and steady.

How is the atmosphere in the classroom at Turtle Tutor?

Many students fear they will be reprimanded or made fun of when they ask questions in class. Turtle Tutor offers a conducive environment for such shy students. They are encouraged to participate and speak freely about the problems they are facing. As a result the atmosphere at Turtle Tutor is extremely friendly. In addition, any kind of disrupting behavior - nagging, bullying or teasing students is dealt with strictly and immediately.